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    http://caltopo.com/p/2D3Pc=”http://caltopo.com/p/2D3P” alt=”topo” />

    I don’t know if I have posted the topo correctly. I am not sure if anyone even uses this site anymore, but its worth the shot. Highlighted in blue are atv trails in and out. the red shows the hunting land I can hunt. The purple is an old strip pit that goes all the way around the mountain. Any ideas on the best bedding grounds?

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    by the way, the bottoms on both sides of this mountain have green fields.

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    Jarrod Erdody

    Hi Chad, thanks for the post…unfortunately the link you posted isn’t working. I’ve tagged this post so I’ll get emailed a notice if you reply so I should respond sooner next time. ;o) Feel free to email me too.

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