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    Shawn Vanlandingham

    Joseph, the Gmap4 guy gave me permission to post this after seeing it on another forum. I thought it would be worth sharing with everyone here.

    The following link starts Gmap4 and if you zoom in until the scale in the lower left says 500 ft then you will see topo lines on the Google aerial for anywhere in the U.S.…s%20parent=true

    The topo line data comes from a GIS (Geographical Information Service) server run by the feds. That GIS data displays the topo lines on top of any basemap.

    You can also try Menu ==> Search to get close to your land and then zoom/pan.

    To turn the topo lines on/off click the button in the upper right corner of the map then scroll down to the Overlay section and click “topography_lines”.

    The Gmap4 homepage has a FAQ, examples, quick start info (in the Help file) and more to quickly get you up to speed.

    Gmap4 default map:
    Gmap4 homepage:

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    Lee Gatzke

    All I get is Bluehost. File not found also.

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    Shawn Vanlandingham

    Fixed the link just for you Lee.

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    Lee Gatzke

    Now it works. It’s pretty cool.

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