A sure sign that spring is here

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    Lee Gatzke

    While out doing some spring scouting on some public close to home I ran across this snapper.

    A sure sign of spring.
    I had to see if tapping his nose with a stick would get him to turn aggressive but he didn’t go for it, just pulled his head back into his shell. As soon as I turned off the camera a mink trotted past 2 feet behind the snapper. By the time I got the camera back on he was gone 🙁 . Didn’t find any sheds and not many tracks or other sign but it felt good to smell the swamp muck again. Spring is here!

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    I love the smell in the spring of the woods, swamps, open areas after a rain. Winter is nice but spring is always a refreshing change. I don’t think the snapping turtles will be out quite yet in North central MN.

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