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    hunt n nurse

    Haven’t been on in awhile, but doing well and getting out to shoot now and again. Thought I would share what I did the other night after work in about 4 hours. Can only imagine what we woulda stacked up if it was all night.We counted up 80+ fish.Plecos, carp, gar, tilapias, chiclids, shad and perch. The large group of fish you see are plecostomas. Nonnative any where in this country and you might recognize them in their smaller, aquarium form that alot of people have to clean the tanks. That is pretty much how they got spread around the waters here.
    http://bow.fishingcountry.com/forums/sh … ore-Plecos

    This young man holds alot of Texas records, one being from 4 years ago for the world record Tilapia, which he shot in this very water we were shooting in the pics here. It was 10#. Robert, “Lil Killer”, is a shooting machine. He started very early in life (he is 15 now) and can see and shoot a fish and know what it is before you can (Me anyway) see the fish. He and his dad, Walter (Old Bald Guy) fish and win quite a few tourneys as a 2 man team, beating out alot of 3 man teams and that is with Walter driving and shooting, with Robert the primary shooter. He can win numbers tourneys with the amount of shad he can put in the boat when shad are included(which I might add, is not very often due to his ability to shoot these fast darting fish, and he can nail the little ones like no one’s business).

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    hunt n nurse

    We did it again!!!!! Even more, can you guess the # of fish from this last trip?
    Scroll down to for round 2:
    http://bow.fishingcountry.com/forums/sh … ecos-Again!

    Same place.

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    Jarrod Erdody

    can’t see the pics Deb…can you post here?

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    hunt n nurse

    Is the link not opening for you? It does for me. I will post some.
    Last week. 85 fish in 4 hrs:

    Last nite (128 fish, 85 plecostamus’):

    A momma and baby nutria:

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    Jarrod Erdody

    Holy Schnikies!!!! Too cool!! 8) 8)

    Yeah, the link opens but I’m not a member of that forum so it won’t allow access…


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    hunt n nurse

    I didn’t realize that about not being a member. You should join, there are people from all over the country, including Mi and Wi. Lot’s of tourneys all over. Some pretty cool people and a lot of rednecks as well!!!!

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    hunt n nurse

    Not so easy to wade the rivers or stalk the banks here due to snakes, bad snakes: moccassins. Although, last summer I did wade a river with young mocs staying 20-30 ft from me, seemed they were more afraid of me. Good thing momma doesn’t look after the babies!!!!! All I could think of was that scene in Lonesome Dove, only I was alone and didn’t have a horse either!!!!!Snakes don’t scare me tho, now spiders while fishing……a whole nuther story!!!!!!

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    Lee Gatzke

    I’ve never seen those carp-like fish with the tall dorsal fins, those things look pre-historic 8) . Looks like you had all the shooting you could handle, very cool.

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    hunt n nurse

    Those are plecostomus. From the sucker family. They are what people have in their aquariums at times to clean the glass. Tehy grow and they toss them in the rivers and are flourishing here. A non native fish that is wreaking havoc on the shore lines due to digging holes and the banks collapse. A ton of fun to shoot. The state record is 6# something, a few of those we got are in the 5+# range. I need to get one mounted.

    Going for more Thursday night after work!!!!!!
    Check this out:
    This was also on the Texas Parks and Wildlife FB site!!!!!!

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    Wow! Great photos, overall! 🙂

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