Early Season Success

What started out with a rain soaked opening morning, ended in one of the most perfect evenings a bowhunter can have on stand.

Warm temps, rain, and wind plagued us opening day, but the Blood Brothers still managed to whack two small does as Dan and I earned our buck tags. Actually, I think Dan may have pre-qualified already for his but he just whacked one cuz he loves to eat em!

Sunday morning was a rainout as well, so we scouted the early afternoon for our evening sits. I chose a secluded, natural waterhole, about 3 foot by 3 foot was all and a couple hundred yards into the woods near a known buck bedding area.

About 30 minutes before dark, a nice buck worked his way to the waterhole. With no binocs, he got to within about 40 yards before I could see enough to determine he was worth ending my season on in just my 2nd evening hunt of the year, and really my first buck hunt of the year.

At a mere 10 yards and facing me, the nice buck drank for a couple minutes. I was confident that no matter the direction he left from, I would soon have my shot once he drank his fill. I was right. As he stepped to his right, I drew as he entered the small break in the foliage below me. He paused and I settled in. Just as he began to take his next step, I touched off the pin when it was tight against the shoulder of the very slightly quartering towards me buck.

The arrow found my mark and the buck started a death run that would take him only 70 yards before crashing. My early season Wisconsin buck weighed 250 live weight and dressed 193 pounds. He has an inside spread of 19 3/8″. He sports a lot of character, with stickers, mass, bladed tines, double forked brows, and lots of tree shavings from the poplar victims he’d been working over.

Erdody 2006 archery deer kill

My shot took him through the heart and he only made it about 70 yards.

All in all, a great start to the 2006 bow season. I’m even more motivated to get that high back once more and fill my tag in Illinois come October! Stay tuned for more highlights to come…

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