Early Season Buck Bonanza

I recently got permission to hunt a farm close to home and tonight I went in there cold to check it out. I haven’t been able to scout this property before since I just got permission to hunt it a week ago, so I went in not expecting to see much. I chose a spot between a cornfield bordered by a marsh and an alfalfa field that had a 20 yard wide treeline seperating them. I chose a set up on the downwind side of the treeline and began climbing the tree. When I was up about three Lone Wolf sticks high my backpack got caught on some limbs so I rotated back and forth to free it. It worked, but in the process I unzipped the major compartment and the contents went flying. My video camera began its freefall but luckily it was wrapped in a t-shirt that caught on a branch and it wound up dangling 3 feet off the ground with no harm done. Looks like it may be a good night, I thought knowing that I just dodged a $1200 bullet. Imedeately after settling in 5 adult gobblers walked out into the alfalfa, followed by a doe and two fawns. Since my home area is a CWD zone the arrows will fly at anything other than a fawn or a yearling buck, so I was hoping the doe would come closer. She never did and soon she took the young-uns out of sight. 10 minutes later two scrub bucks and a 120 class 8 pointer entered the field on the far side about 150 yards away but they too soon had their fill of the greens and left me. Shortly after that a 6 pointer sprinted out of the woods on the far side of the field and continued his sprint until he dove back in to the woods 100 yards later. 30 seconds after that a coyote followed the 6 pointers trail and dove into the woods after him. It was about 6 PM by this time and it took about 15 minutes for the action to pick up again. A forkhorn finally got things going on my side of the alfalfa field by entering from the treeline 15 yards from me. 5 minutes later a slob 9 pointer with a 22 inch spread appeared from my treeline about 35 yards out. As he entered the field he turned straight away from me and fed slowly away, never offering a shot. While I videod him two more bucks appeared in the opposite corner of the field and walked directly at me. One of these bucks was the 150 class I had seen while glassing the area a week before. So now there is 4 bucks in the field and three are shooters with two of them being true slobs. The two slobs approached each other posturing and I thought they were gonna do a little sparring but they only tickled their antlers together before going about the business of eating supper. The group of bucks did slowly feed my direction for a while but then they changed course and left the field 20 minutes later, never getting closer than 70 yards from my stand. No shots fired but I sure am fired up.

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