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I’m trying to beat the winter blues today by writing out some of the best deer hunting quotes I’ve either said or heard over the years…I’ll start it off with a few of our own here at NextBuk:

Deer Hunting Quotes from Our Own NextBuk Videos

“There is no magic pixie dust when it comes to consistently killing mature bucks.”

NextBuk Outdoors

This has been our mantra ever since we started years ago as Blood Brothers Outdoors. At NextBuk, our goal is to show you what it takes to get your next buck, and magic pixie dust is not in our formula! Scents, gimmicks, calls, fake rattling antlers, special suits, etc all can have their place, but bottom line, if you want consistent success on big mature bucks, don’t rely on them! If you consistently scout more than you hunt, use the wind, and hunt where big bucks live, you’re on the right track. Hunters don’t often give big bucks enough credit as to how adaptive they are to hunter presence. Limit your pressure in your spots and hunt them during the right conditions, and you’ll be punching your tag on a regular basis!

“…I feel like I’ve been ELECTROCUTED, Dad!!!”

Jacob Erdody

I about fell out of the tree when I heard this. My son, Jacob, shot his first deer this past fall and as he excitedly chattered to me right after the shot, his legs trembled from the adrenaline rush, and that’s how he described what he felt…couldn’t have been a better first deer, father-son moment!

“The right wind is sometimes almost the wrong wind.”

Me (Jarrod Erdody)

I remember figuring this out on my own years ago. I’m very analytical and I always catch myself replaying hunts in my head. When I sit back and think about successful hunts I’ve had, many times, the wind that day was good because it was almost bad. Many hunters think that playing the wind means having it in your face in relation to where the deer should come from. Sometimes that works because deer don’t always travel into the wind. But I believe they don’t usually intend to travel with the wind. They typically want to use the wind in some manner to check things as they travel. We describe this in detail in our videos, but the idea here is that the deer needs a wind he thinks is an advantage for him, AND you need that wind to be giving YOU an advantage too!

“Oh baby, big one!!!”

Me (Jarrod Erdody)

My kids caught me saying this in my tree-banter after shooting a nice buck for our Farm Country Bucks video, and it’s become a pretty common go-to phrase in our household nowadays. Comment below and let me know what your personal go-to phrase is after you shoot a big buck! (please don’t say, “Smoked him!”), ha ha.

The Lone Wolf - deer hunting quotesMy Favorite Deer Hunting Quotes from Andrae D’Acquisto

“Bump em & dump em baby!”

Andrae D’Acquisto

Friend and contributor to Hunting Marsh Bucks and Hill Country Bucks, Andrae is the best unknown hunting celebrity out there in my opinion. With over 15 Boone & Crockett bucks by bow, he’s hard to bet against, and the tactic he coined “Bump em & dump em” is described in detail in our Hill Country Bucks video. Under certain conditions, Andrae intentionally will boot a big buck out of his bed so he can then manipulate the area for a setup that he tries to kill the buck from the next time the buck comes back!

“…it’s like taking candy from a baby.”

Andrae D’Acquisto

I know this one isn’t his original, but the context is to me. Andrae and I were chatting once about scouting versus hunting and he made the reference that if you do your scouting, the hunting part can sometimes be that easy!

“To know how far to go, sometimes you have to go too far.”

Andrae D’Acquisto

I think our best lessons in hunting are learned from making mistakes ourselves. You can watch all the videos you want, and talk to all the best hunters, but until you actually put boots on the ground and start making your own decisions, you won’t know what truly makes YOU successful.

Favorite Deer Hunting Quotes from Hunting Celebrities

“No matter what you try or do, if you ain’t meant to kill a big buck, it won’t happen. And yet, if you’re meant to kill a big buck, there’s almost nothing you can do to stop it from happening!”

Ben Rising

I’m paraphrasing that one because I can’t recall the exact words or even the video, but I remember these lines from a video I watched many years ago, partly because it was so funny, and partly because it’s so spot on! Ben Rising had been through a long, slow hunt in Iowa, and was in a tree on his last day there. This buck approached from a neighboring property and stood for what seemed like forever on the other side of the property line. You watch that fence and that buck and you’d have never guessed he would jump it and continue towards Ben. But he finally did. Then as it crossed by in chip-shot range, the buck detected Ben as he drew. He looked up and you’d swear he had to have seen him and his cameraman and would spook. But he didn’t. Ben held and held. The buck just seemed to want to get shot. Maybe he’d had a tough rut with the does and had given up! After Ben finally whacked the buck, he said those lines above and they’ve always stuck with me…they’re more relatable to a hunter than the usual “if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.” and I’ve always liked that one.

“A hunt based only on the trophies taken falls far short of what the ultimate goal should be.”

Fred Bear

Trying to kill a mature buck year in year out can seem like the wrong motivation at times, and I believe it is for some folks. Hunting is an intimate, personal thing, and your goals should be just that. When killing young deer becomes easy, you tend to strive for higher goals. But don’t forget the ultimate goal!

“Gimme a second!”

Stan Potts

If I had a nickel for every time Stan has said this after whacking a buck!

“Man, whudda hunt!”

David Blanton

One of my favorites from a Realtree Monster Bucks staple that helped start all the hunting video craze many years ago! David’s cool southern drawl makes this one even more fun to imitate when there’s a big buck down!

“I sound like Pat Reeve right now, but I don’t care…Booyah-Baby!!”

Chris Brackett

Chris had shot the biggest buck of his life and was no doubt super excited. I just loved how funny this one sounded when he bantered after the shot! My kids know Chris as the Booyah-Baby guy!

What are your favorite deer hunting quotes?

Feel free to comment below and share some of your favorite deer hunting quotes!




  1. Paul lindsay

    “Sometimes the last place on earth you want to be is where you are” Jim shocky.
    ” don’t expect what you don’t inspect”. John Eberhart
    This one is kinda out of context. But. “You need to see what they see”. Jarrod erdody
    “You know what they say big bucks make big tracts, store that away for a raining day” Remnar. (Escanaba in da moonlight).

    1. Robert Gate

      I love John Eberhart’s most, a big fan…

  2. Ryan Weston

    “Right there is an adult doe track” -Dan Infalt (He could really tell the difference between a doe and a buck hoof print?) We at deer camp quote this all the time while scouting and crack up every time!


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