Controlled Burn on Switchgrass Field

using controlled fire to improve wildlife habitat

I prepped my switchgrass field over the weekend for a controlled burn sometime this week, then when I checked the forecast this morning, I realized today might be my best chance to burn. So I made the call to obtain my burn permit, then called both my adjacent neighbors, and out the door I went! Two hours later, the burn went great and I have a great foundation for my switchgrass to thrive this summer!

switchgrass field before controlled burn


switchgrass field controlled burn

…and we have fire…

fire to improve wildlife habitat

Coming along nicely. I started from the NE side since we have SW winds today.

burning switcgrass field to enhance deer habitat

About half-way there…

using controlled fire to improve wildlife habitat

With enough of a burned area on the downwind side, I lit the upwind side and they met in the middle. Almost done!

switchgrass controlled burn fire, southwest Michigan


I do this on my field about every 3 years, and it really enhances the growth.





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  1. Jim

    Fire is such a great tool. Nice job! I wish more people would take this on and improve habitat.


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