Blind Ambition Bale Blind (Hay Bale Blind, Round Bale Ground Blind)

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As deer hunters, we understand how prevalent round hay bales are in good deer hunting terrain. Well now we’ve found the perfect tool for hunting in farm country! Hay bale blinds by Blind Ambitions Bale Blinds are the most authentic, highest quality hay bale blind we’ve seen. Easy, tool-free setup!


4 models to choose from. For descriptions of the various models, see Descriptions tab below.


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Product Description

Whitetail deer, turkey and mule deer are exposed to round bales on a regular basis. This familiarity puts deer at ease around them. The hay bale blind by Blind Ambition Bale Blinds is the best roundbale ground blind that the NextBuk team has found! Features include:

  • Lightweight and portable. Two people can easily move it.
  • No acclamation time required. Deer do not have any apprehension following relocation. Moving mid-day, we’ve been covered up with deer that same day at dusk!
  • Early bow season in alfalfa fields are hot!
  • Great during inclement weather – high wind, rain, etc.
  • Great for outfitters that need to get clients great shooting opportunities – can be placed in the middle of food plots
  • 34-inch door accommodates wheelchair hunters!
  • Great with the kids and grand-kids…they can move around and still see plenty of action!
  • Makes it easier to videotape your hunts
  • Allow effective hunting from the middle of food plots because of how accepting deer are of them!
  • The hot ticket for late season hunts!

Model: Portable

  • Easy 15 minute set up time – no tools needed
  • Total weight 50 lbs
  • No “brushing in” required
  • Hunt same day with success
  • Includes 5 “Silent Slide” Window Coverings
  • Dimensions: Length: 60″, Height: 69″, Weight: 50 lbs
  • Shooting Diameter: 72″


Model: Sportman

Very similar to the Portable model, however, the sportsman model assembles with nuts and bolts instead of quick-connect clips, so it will take longer to assemble and dis-assemble.

  • Aluminum/galvanized frame
  • Coverings easy to remove at end of season
  • 5 “Silent Slide” Window Coverings included with the blind
  • Dimensions: Length: 64″, Height: 70″, Weight: 68 lbs
  • Shooting Diameter: 72″


Model: Outfitter

  • Improved coverings/straw blanket bonded and stitched to lining fabric
  • All coverings clip onto frame and are easily removed at end of season
  • Built heavy duty to withstand season long wind and weather
  • Wheelchair accessible – 34″ wide door
  • Generous room for filming
  • Includes 6 “Silent Slide” Window Coverings
  • Dimensions: Length: 72″, Height: 70″, Weight: 110 lbs
  • Shooting Diameter: 73″


Model: Waterfowler

  • Aluminum galvanized frame
  • Coverings easily removable
  • Doubles as a deer and turkey blind
  • 4 “Silent Slide” Deer/Turkey Windows included
  • Very effective field shooting blind – you don’t have to lay in the mud anymore!
  • Dimensions: Length: 64″, Height: 70″, Weight: 68 lbs
  • Shooting Diameter: 72″

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1 review for Blind Ambition Bale Blind (Hay Bale Blind, Round Bale Ground Blind)

  1. Jarrod Erdody
    5 out of 5


    This is Jarrod, owner of NextBuk Outdoors. If you’ve been looking for a ground blind that deer are naturally at ease with and requires no “getting used to”, look no further than the round bale ground blind by Blind Ambition Bale Blinds! These blinds are of excellent quality. They’re easy to setup with a little practice (we’ve included videos on this page so you can see how they go together). For me personally, they’ve made late season hunting much more effective and comfortable! I recommend the Portable model.

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